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Masking Tapes

Tapes Co, UK, Masking Tapes include Masking Paper Tapes, Masking Heat Resistant Tapes, Masking Polyimide Tapes, Masking Painters Tapes, Masking Polyester Tapes, Masking Protective Tapes, Masking Electrical Tapes, Masking Coated Tapes, Masking Rubber Tapes, Masking Polyethylene Tapes, Masking Gaffa Tapes, Masking Waterproof Tapes, Masking Marking Tapes.

Masking tape has a low tack adhesive to ensure it removes cleanly without marking or damaging most plastic and metal surfaces. Masking tape is perfect for lining areas for painting. Masking tape is water resistant and easy to tear by hand. Masking tape can even be used as a temporary labeling solution. Masking tape is used for temporarily shielding areas that you want to protect when paint, spray paint, coating or blasting. Masking tape removal should take place when the tape has outlived its usefulness to prevent the adhesive from leaving residue or damaging the surface it was meant to protect.

We stock a large range of Masking Tapes. Masking tape has varying technical properties ranging from basic general purpose to high-temperature resistance. Masking Tapes are typically used to mask, protect, enhance and modify surfaces. Masking tape is also used for bundling and packing. Masking tape is ideal for masking and craft uses. It has an excellent resistance to water and solvents and great for outdoor use and decorating. Masking tape is mostly used for drafting out areas for crafts, automotive work, and home interiors.


At Tapes Co, UK you'll find great prices on a wide range of different Masking tape for DIY and professional use.