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Magnetic Tapes

Tapes Co, UK, Magnetic Tapes include Magnetic Adhesive Tapes, Magnetic Label Tapes, Magnetic Copper Tapes, Magnetic Marking Tapes, Magnetic Foam Tapes, Magnetic Chemical Tapes, Magnetic Rubber Tapes, Magnetic Acrylic Tapes.

Our range of Magnetic Tapes is perfect for a wide variety of applications ranging from creating your own fridge magnets, promotional display, vehicle signage, and even Perspex double glazing. Our Magnetic Tapes are no exception. Magnetic Tapes that can be easily cut with scissors, with a write on wipe off surface. Magnetic Tapes are ideal for use in warehouses, stock rooms or post rooms where temporary labeling is required. Magnetic Tapes can easily be repositioned and are flexible to fit snuggly and securely around curved metal surfaces. Magnetic Tapes are used for application to flat and or curved surfaces. These tapes are magnetic on one side only.

Magnetic Tapes make anything magnetic with high quality and flexibility. Magnetic Tapes supplied with a quality adhesive simply peel off the backing film and stick to the desired surface. Magnetic Tapes can commonly be used on metal racking and magnetic whiteboards. Magnetic Tapes are suitable for use with almost all forms of shelving. Magnetic Tapes can be cut to any length before being attached, making them extremely versatile in a stockroom or warehouse that makes use of different forms of racking, which a lot of them do. Once attached, they can be written on and wiped clean with ease, meaning that they can be re-used hundreds of times. Magnetic Tapes are suitable for almost any warehouse or stockroom that needs to constantly swap and rotate the items stored in it.


At Tapes Co, UK you'll find great prices on a wide range of different Magnetic Tapes for professional use. All the products and tapes are made in the UK.